“Every problem might not have a simple and straight forward solution” We will help finding that path for the solution.

Technology Consulting​

“IoT, Predictive Analytics, AI, Cloud, – Jargons everywhere, do you need it all, should we change all systems?” – We help you to answer these question and take you through the Digital transformation.

Solution Consulting

“Many process, some manual, some automated, many systems (paper, xls, applications), many departments, collaborations needed, delayed outcomes” – These are some of the commonly heard issues, we can help align your systems, processes, applications, people by bringing them to common solution.


Business Consulting

IT and Business go hand in hand, IT is not just automation and cost arbitrage mechanism, but an Enable” – How? We can help in bringing the value of IT to enhance your business.


“Data is the new oil” said Clive Humby, but its value is unearthed only when it is understood and used for the betterment.

Data Science And Analytics

Unveil some hidden secrets in data. Unfold the story they want to tell you. The perspective of reality might change. We help you to unfold that story of Data.


Artfully reveal the hidden messages from the Data. An appealing visualization is far important to bring in the value to your data. – We can help you visualize your data better.


The way business is being done is changing. So do the applications. We offer a range of services which will keep up .

  •  Application Development Services– Mobile, Web, Middleware, Firmware, Embedded Systems
  • Design Thinking – UI & UX
  •  Architecture Services
  •  Testing
  •  Application Modernization
  •  Program, Project Management Services


Men, machines are there for ages. Men have been the medium for connecting those machines. But now machines are talking to each other without human intervention, sending information to outside world and thus bringing in Internet of Things.

Industries are evolving so is technology, to keep pace with changes Industry 2.0, 3.0 now 4.0 is the latest buzz word. Digitization is the key in all these. – We can help you in that journey by quickly assessing your current level and then to move forward.

IoT is a world of objects, sensors, firmwares, devices/gateways, user applications, data, analytics, AI, ML, cloud, internet etc., all connected together. – Our framework will bring all these elements together at Ortusolis.


“Every problem might not have a simple and straight forward solution” We will help finding that path for the solution.


Agriculture is a very labour intensive sector and agriculture labour is depleting for various reasons. IT can play a major role in this domain. – We can help you on how IT can enable farmers better.


Its said that “Car is like a mobile device” – This states how automotive industry thinking is changing. Future of automotive industry is going to be completely disrupted in the way technology is playing its role. – We can help you to be part of the future by ensuring your present is upto date.


Artificial Intelligence is shaping the healthcare in many areas. But the fact is that in many countries digitization is still in the basic levels. – We can assist in your digitization journey to reach the disruption level or help to disrupt.


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