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Business models are changing.  Global is becoming local and local is becoming Global.  There’s a need to upgrade businessess technologically for it to flourish and  grow.    So change is the need  of the hour for traditional businesses to sustain further

e – Rigate  is a mobile app based platform for managing your business which provides you the technology platform to boost your business.


“Be the change you want to see” – Mahatma Gandhi

 Water everywhere not a drop to drink..Is not just saying now but becoming a scary reality world wide. As it was said sometime ago wars in 21st century would happen only because of water and food. As per one of the findings…80% of water is consumed in India by Agriculture. . Its important to conserve the water but still achieve the Agricultural growth targets. Our e-Rigate – An Automated Smart Watering System helps in that regard. Using our comprehensive system one would be able to feed water what is needed by the crop and only when needed. The system can be controlled in Automated, Timed or Manual Mode using the Smart Watering App..

SWMS is a system were you can control watering of the plants, Gardens etc. By means of a Mobile App in that App you will get two different modes of controlling the system one is Manual Mode and another one is Timer Mode. In the App you can control the different devices. You will get a device list which is mapped to that App. You can also control number of devices  by single App. You can also have two different systems one is based on WIFI and another one is based on SMS.



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